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Fall 2017 Standings

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TeamDistrictOverallLast 5StreakHomeAway
Boca Eagles 16U0-02-1-12-1-1W10-02-1-1
Chiefs Baseball 16U0-04-3-12-2-1L14-3-10-0
Fort Lauderdale 16U0-01-51-1N/A1-10-4
Knights Baseball 16U0-03-22-1N/A1-02-2
Spartans Baseball 16U0-05-03-0N/A4-01-0
Stallions Baseball 16U0-01-31-3W10-11-2
The Dawgs 16U0-01-31-3W11-10-2
W. Boca Panthers 16U0-03-02-0N/A2-01-0
TeamDistrictOverallLast 5StreakHomeAway
Boca Eagles 18U0-01-21-2W10-21-0
Chiefs Baseball 18U0-01-21-1-1N/A0-11-0-1
Deerfield Knights 18U0-01-20-1N/A0-21-0
Dragons Baseball 18U0-00-40-0N/A0-20-2
Fort Lauderdale 18U0-03-31-2N/A2-2-10-1
Lions Baseball 18U0-04-31-2N/A0-04-3
Mavericks Baseball 18U0-01-2-11-1-1W10-01-2-1
Miami Lightning 18U0-04-2-22-1-1N/A1-1-13-1-1
N-Canes Baseball 18U0-02-51-4L12-50-0
Patriots Baseball 18U0-01-01-0N/A1-00-0
Spartans Baseball 18U0-03-4-11-2-1L13-3-10-1
Stallions Baseball 18U0-04-14-1W20-14-0
The Dawgs 18U0-01-11-1N/A1-00-1
W. Boca Panthers18U0-03-32-2L10-33-0